Strand College of Hair Design was founded because of our belief in quality education and bringing up the standards of the beauty industry.

A message to our students, from President Nancy Poole:

As directed by Governor McMaster, Strand College of Hair Design will be closed through March 31st, 2020. The staff is completing plans to start online classes in order to keep students moving forward in their educational curriculums.

We have received information from the US Department of Education and our Accreditation Commission NACCAS regarding the process/ procedure for going about this. We are waiting only on South Carolina Board of Cosmetology for their approval of online and distance learning classes.

During these next couple of days we will be putting this plan into effect. In the meantime, please download “Zoom Cloud Meetings” and “Google docs” as these are the platforms we hope to use, upon approval from South Carolina State Board. If you do not have access to internet, Spectrum is offering free services during this emergency. Please contact them for more information by calling 1(844) 488-8398 . Please regularly check your emails, our social media pages and our website for instructions and notifications of procedures.

**If you do not have your textbook and workbooks, please come to Strand College and pick them up today, 3/16 between 1:00-1:30 pm. Without your books, you will be limited to hours you can obtain during this emergency.

Stay safe everyone! We hope to have more updates soon.

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Teacher Training


Cosmetology is a 1500 clock hour educational course, which provides systematic instruction, training, and demonstrations in all areas of the industry.

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Esthetics is a 600 hour course which provides theory, practical, and clinical experience.

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Teacher Training

Teacher Training is a 750 hour course of study which provides theory instruction, lectures, demonstrations, practical, and student teaching under direct Instructor supervision.

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Redken Premier School

Welcome To Strand College

Our President and Founder, Nancy Poole warmly welcomes you to join our family. Strand College of Hair Design is the perfect place to build your skills into real talent. Let us show you how to make a career out of your gift.

Esthetic and Cosmetology Design Courses

If you are interested in Esthetics and Cosmetology, come visit Strand College of Hair Design, we’re happy to show you the world of Esthetics and Cosmetology.

Strand College of Hair Design is dedicated to it’s fundamentals of Esthetics and Cosmetology design for students willing to learn the art of hair design. In our Esthetics design course, you will learn how to enhance one’s inner beauty through the importance of Esthetic theory, practice, design, and clinical experience. Esthetics takes you deep into the world of skin care, recognizing both healthy skin and skin disorders while being able to affectively treat both. will qualify for graduation and an application for the state licensure exam in order to become a legal esthetician. Our Esthetics design course will show you all the essentials that you will need to become a esthetician. Our Esthetics course from Strand College of Hair Design is located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

In our Cosmetology course, students will learn the fundamentals of art and beauty. Cosmetology is a hands on course on the application of hair design and make-up. Cosmetology includes hair design, coloring, treatments, and skin care. The Cosmetology course is on going process that evaluate’s a student’s progress that will be judged by regularly scheduled theory exams and practical skills grading. In our Cosmetology course, the student will show demonstrate proficiency in all phases of the course. Cosmetology is an essential for anybody with a passion for hair design.

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In the time it takes for one cosmetology class to reach graduation a lot is accomplished.