about us

Learn about our history and your future

Message from the founder

Strand College of Hair Design was founded because of our belief in quality education and bringing up the standards of the beauty industry. Our goal as staff and educators is to provide the education for you to become proficient and professional in your chosen career. Our primary goal is for your professional growth and success. What you become reflects on us here at Strand College of Hair Design. We want you to become the best you can be and to achieve your own personal and professional goals.

We are here to assist you and inspire you to achieve these goals. Our desire is for you to become a Leader in the Beauty Industry. We look forward to you having a rewarding educational experience with us at Strand College of HAIR DESIGN.

Nancy Poole, Founder/President

history / ownership

Jo Jo Inc. of Myrtle Beach, D/B/A Strand College of Hair Design was founded in March, 1993 by Nancy Poole and Michael McQuaig. Mr. McQuaig sold his shares to Nancy Poole on April 1, 1997. Nancy Poole currently holds the position of the CEO of this corporation.

An advisory council consisting of professionals in all aspects of business meet annually to review the college’s progression and make suggestions for improvements.

Strand College of Hair Design is a Redken Premier School as well as an OPI Premier School. Strand College of Hair Design uses various professional lines of products. To further increase the educational opportunities of the student, Strand College maintains a working relationship with various other manufacturers/professional lines. These manufacturers also provide platform educators to the College in order to give the student a better perspective of what this industry has to offer. Whether your interest is focused on hair, nails, or skin, Strand College of HAIR DESIGN has it all waiting for you.

Mission statement

The mission of Strand College of HAIR DESIGN is to provide a quality education in the area of cosmetic arts so that the graduate is able to be successful in their chosen profession. Graduates will be knowledgeable in the methodology and have the practical skills necessary to be licensed by the South Carolina State Board of Cosmetology. Strand College is dedicated to improving the overall standards of our profession through structured education.

educational goals

  1. To prepare the student for the State Licensure Exam
  2. To assist the student in discovering and developing the skills required to obtain a
    means of monetary support.
  3. To instill in the student a sense of competitiveness and professionalism.
  4. To impress upon students the need for continuing education at the advance level
    to insure upward mobility within the profession.
  5. To provide up-to-date information pertaining to the industry.
  6. Provide support services for students throughout the educational curriculum and past graduation.