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Course Description

Esthetics is a 600 hour course which provides theory, practical, and clinical experience.

Topics Covered

  • skin analysis
  • massage techniques
  • facial treatments
  • makeup techniques
  • removal of unwanted hair
  • aromatherapy
  • color analysis
  • body wraps
  • skin disorders
  • salon business

Course Objectives

Students will obtain knowledge and practical skills through theory lectures, demonstrations, audiovisuals and practical experience.

Evaluation of the learning process will be determine by scheduled theory testing, practical skills testing. Also, as the student completes each increment level of the course, the student will be given increment level exams in theory and practical skills. In order to take any cumulative incremental exam, a student must have completed all required tests and assignments, and all tuition and fees must be paid in accordance with the enrollment agreement. The student will be able to recognize both healthy skin and skin disorders. The student will be able to follow required regulations regarding sterilization and sanitation in procedures and equipment used. The student will also be able to perform basic skin care, facial massage, makeup application, hair removal, and body wraps.

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will qualify for graduation and an application for the state licensure exam. This exam is required by the State in order to be employed as an esthetician.

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Placement Rates


* National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences

Normal Time Graduates

The time it takes to normally complete this course and graduate is 600 hours. “Normal Time Graduates” are the percentage of students who graduate on-time.

2009 School Year 62%
2010 School Year 83%

Median Loan Debt

For a student graduating from Strand College of Hair Design from 2012-2013 is $6571.00.

Tuition and Fees

600 Hours

Application Fee: $40.00
Registration Fee: $60.00
Tuition (includes kit, books and supplies) $7,550.00
Total: $7,650.00

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Learn more about gainful employment related to the Esthetics Course.

SOC Codes

  • 39-2091 Makeup Artist
  • 39-5094 Skin Care Specialist

CIP Codes

  • 12.0406 Make-up Artist/Specialist
  • 12.0408 Facial Treatment Specialist/Facials
  • 12.0409 Aesthetician/Esthetician and Skin Care Specialist
  • 12.0412 Salon/Beauty Salon Management/Manager
  • 12.0414 Master Aesthetician/Esthetician