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Academic Program Changes

Transfer Hours from a licensee to attend additional education for second license are set forth by the SC state board of Cosmetology, they are as follows below.

Cosmetology to Esthetics

(1500 450/600)
Sanitation & Sterilization 45
Personal Hygiene & Grooming 30
Professional Ethics 35
Public Relations 50
Anatomy 45
Dermatology 25
Safety Precautions 30
Practice of Cosmo-facial Skin & Make-up 30
State Law 15

Esthetics to Cosmetology

(450/600 1500)
Professional Practices, including Bacteriology & Sanitation 50
Anatomy 30
Bacteriology 25
Chemistry 5
State Law 15

Facilities / Staff

Strand College of Hair Design occupies two buildings with offices, classrooms, practical clinic stations, client reception and waiting area, dispensary, student lounge, and supply storage rooms.  The buildings are located at 423 79th Ave. N. and at 419 79th Ave. N. in Myrtle Beach, SC. The college maintains an inventory of modern and up-to-date equipment, including state-of-the art digital audio-visual training aids.

The freshman classroom is located at 419 79th Ave. N., and senior classroom and clinical area at 423 79th Ave. N. The admissions office, financial aid department and other administrative offices are located at 419 79th Avenue North, Suite 3, Myrtle Beach, SC.

Policies Regarding Using Copyrighted Materials

Strand College of Hair Design, both in practice and spirit, respects copyrighted material and prohibits any copying of copyrighted materials in any form or manner. Any copyright infringements will be immediately reported to proper authorities for civil and or criminal sanctions.

In general, unless specifically identified as copyrighted, materials on the web are considered to be available for downloading and sharing.

Cost Of Attendance

Cosmetology Course

1500 Hours

Application Fee: $40.00
Registration Fee: $60.00
Tuition (includes kit, books, supplies) $15,800.00
Total: $15,900.00

Esthetics Course

600 Hours

Application Fee: $40.00
Registration Fee: $60.00
Tuition (includes kit, books and supplies) $7,550.00
Total: $7,650.00

Instructor Training Course

750 Hours

Application Fee: $40.00
Registration Fee: $60.00
Tuition (includes kit, books and supplies) $7,670.00
Total: $7,770.00

These are the total costs of the courses offered at Strand College of Hair Design. These fees also include all the textbooks and supplies that the student will need to complete the course. There are no other required costs or fees by the College. Various additional kits/supplies are available to the students upon student request to purchase, which include but not limited to specialized nail, esthetic, and LEVEL/Board Examination Kits. Personal assigned kits will be distributed near 500 actual hours based upon student being in compliance of Satisfactory Progress at 451 hours and personal payments and/or Title IV Disbursements.

Enrollment Agreement

Each student will be required to sign an enrollment agreement before beginning school. This agreement is a contract stating the exact cost of the course and the College’s refund policy. Students who are 18 years of age and over may accept financial responsibility for their education. Students who are under 18 years of age are required to have their parent, guardian, or sponsoring institution present for signing.

From time to time, various educators and platform artists are brought into the college by product manufactures to conduct special classes. Most of these classes are provided at no extra cost to the student. A few of the hands on classes may require the student to purchase supplies in order to participate in the class. Any class that requires a fee is optional.


Course Scheduling Change Fee

When a student requests a change in their schedule, they must sign a re-contracting form. There is a $150.00 fee for re-contracting unless amendment due to LOA.

Policy For A Drug-Free College

The intent of this policy is to make certain that the college is in compliance with the Drug-Free Workplace Act and Section 86.210 of the Education Department General Administrative Regulations. This policy is stated in Rules & Regulations, Repercussion Policy, and the Employee Manual. The student/staff are prohibited from using, possessing, or distributing any illicit drugs or alcohol on the premises or any college sponsored activity. Any employee or student violating this policy will be dismissed from the college and given a list of counseling, rehabilitation, or re-entry programs available in the area. Any student dismissed due to having or using alcohol or drugs on campus may reapply to attend with documentation of counseling and/or rehabilitation of issue that prompted the dismissal. For more information regarding alcohol/drug additions go to www.wilmingtontreatment.com.

Entrance / Exit Loan Counseling

This information is available on the following external website. Borrower Counseling Sessions.

Access / Release of Student Records (FERPA)

Strand College of Hair Design abides by the US Dept. of Education Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. In accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, (FERPA), students have the right to review, inspect, and challenge the accuracy of the information kept in a cumulative file by the school unless the student waives this right. This act also insures that records cannot be released to any third party without the written consent of the student, or the parent/guardian of a dependent minor.

The release form is available from the Instructor or Administration. Senior students wanting release of information or recommendation for future employment should sign a release prior to having potential employers contact the college. This Act allows for information to be released without the student’s consent to government agencies such as US Dept. of Education, accrediting commissions (NACCAS), SC State Board of Cosmetology and their representatives, as well as any College employee in need of student records. The FERPA Act of 1974 is accessible on the Student Bulletin Board, in the Admissions Office as well as the US Department of Education website, www.ed.gov.

Median Loan Debt

The Median Loan amount of a student graduating from Strand College of Hair Design from 2012-3013 is $6571.00

Net Price Calculator

An updated calculator is coming soon!

Obtaining Financial Aid

More information for obtaining financial aid can be obtained from www.fafsa.ed.gov.

Goto www.fafsa.ed.gov Now 

Refund, Withdrawal & Settlement Policy

The College maintains the following policies for the unused portion of the tuition fees.

  1. The College will not release to any licensing board or other schools, any certified hours or transcripts unless all financial and contractual obligates have been met.
  2. When a student withdrawals and financial-aid is returned to the Department of Education only the hours paid for will be released. The hours earned will be released to the student licensing board or other schools within ten days of the receipt of the payment.
  3. If the College is permanently closed and no longer offering instruction after the Student has enrolled, the Student may be entitled “pro-rata” refund of the tuition. Student will be notified of any existing teach-out agreement with another college and/or the related bond assigned to the State. The teach-out agreement and students’ records retention and disposition plan will follow the NACCAS and South Carolina state guidelines.
  4. Student will receive a certified transcript of hours for which the College has been Compensated within 10 working days of official withdrawal in writing received by the College from the Student. Any additional certified transcripts will cost $20.00 (Twenty) Dollars each.
  5. ________(initials) Student has reviewed a copy of College Rules & Regulations included in the College Catalog (on website or requested a printed copy). State Regulations are posted throughout the College. (This is on the enrollment agreement).
  6. Any monies due the applicant or student shall be refunded within 30 days of official cancellation or withdrawal. Official cancellation or withdrawal shall occur on the earlier dates that:
    1. An applicant is not accepted by the COLLEGE. The applicant shall be entitled to a refund of all monies paid with the exception of the application fee.
    2. A student (or in the case of a student under the age of 18, his/her parent or guardian) cancels his/her enrollment contract and demands refund, in writing or in person, within three working days of the signing of an enrollment contract, all monies collected shall be refunded with the exception of the application fee. This policy applies regardless of whether or not the student has actually started training.
    3. A student cancels his/her enrollment contract after three business days after signing, but prior to entering classes. The student shall be entitled to a refund of all monies paid less the application and enrollment fees of $150.00.
    4. A student notifies the College of his/her withdrawal.
    5. A student on an approved leave of absence notifies the College that he/she will not be returning. The date of withdrawal shall be the earlier of the date of expiration of the leave of absence of the date the student notifies the College that he/she will not be
    6. A student is expelled by the College.
  7. For any cancellations or withdrawals reflected in #6 above, the cancellation date will be determined by the postmark on written notification, or the date said information is delivered to the College administrative staff or owner in person.
  8. Any monies due a student who unofficially withdraws from the College shall be refunded within 30 days of determination by the College that the student has withdrawn without notifying the College. To determine unofficial withdrawals, the school will monitor each students each student’s completion of class participation in learning activities (attendance, assignments, exams, etc.) Unofficial withdrawals are monitored according to US Department of Education which is based on absences for 14 consecutive calendar days.
  9. When situations of mitigating circumstances are in evidence, the College may choose to consider refund calculations where, as a result, the student may receive a larger refund or the school may be entitled to a lesser amount of tuition. This calculation is rarely considered and by no means will ever conflict with the US Department of Education guidelines.
  10. The College reserves the right to cancel classes due to reduced enrollment at any time. If class is in progress and further classes are canceled due to Instructor availability, monies will be refunded as on contracted basis.
  11. For students who enroll in and begin classes, the following schedule of Tuition adjustments will apply:
    %Of Enrollment Time of Course
    Amount of Total Tuition
    Owed to the College
    .01% to 4.9% 20%
    5.00% to 9.9% 30%
    10.00% to 14.9% 40%
    15.00% to 24.9% 45%
    25.00% to 49.9% 70%
    50.00% or over 100%
  12. Title VI recipients may be subject to a “pro-rata” refund in compliance Federal guidelines.
  13. “Enrollment Time” is defined as the time elapsed between the actual starting date and the date of the student’s last day of physical attendance in the college. Any monies due the applicant or student shall be refunded within 30 days of formal cancellation by the student or formal termination by the school, which shall occur no more than 30 days from the last day of physical attendance.
  14. If the College is permanently closed and no longer is offering instruction after a student enrolled, the student shall be entitled to a pro-rata refund of the tuition.
  15. If a course is canceled subsequent to a student’s enrollment, the school shall at its option:
    1. Provide a full refund of all monies paid or,
    2. Provide completion of the course.
  16. Kits/Mannikins assigned to student remain property of the college until student graduates. These items will NOT be removed from the classroom nor student salon area, unless given permission by Instructor. The student’s rights hereunder may not be assigned, but the school may sell, assign or transfer its rights to payment hereunder. Both parties hereto are bound to the faithful and earnest performance of the enrollment contract.

School Emergency Information

Campus Security

The Students Right to Know

Strand College of Hair Design has designated Gerlyn Vereen as the contact person for any issues relating to campus security.

  1. Strand College of Hair Design requests that students and employees report any criminal activity and or actions on campus to the designated individual. Gerlyn Vereen or appropriate college administrator will assist the student/employee in reporting the incident to the local authorities.
  2. The school owner, director, and supervisor are the individuals responsible for the security of the institutional facility.
  3. Strand College of Hair Design refers all campus law enforcement issues to the local police or proper authorities since the institution does not have any campus security personnel. Strand College of Hair Design encourages prompt reporting of any criminal activity/actions as being in the best interest to all students and staff.
  4. Should the need arise Strand College of Hair Design will promptly enact a Crime Watch Program. However, as of present we have not had any reported crimes so we continue to encourage all students and staff to watch and be cognizant of crime in all society.
  5. There are currently no crime prevention systems in place at this time. However, should the need arise Strand College of Hair Design will immediately institute such measures.
  6. Strand College of Hair Design has requested that local police notify the institution of criminal activity/action engaged in by students at off campus locations.
  7. Please refer to our Drug Abuse Policy, regarding the possession, use, or sale of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs.
  8. During the most recent calendar year (January 1,2010 to December 31, 2010) there were ZERO arrests for the following: Murder, Aggravated Assault, Rape, Robbery, Aggravated Sexual Assault, Burglary, Motor Vehicle Theft.
  9. During the most recent calendar year (January 1,2010 to December 31, 2010) there were ZERO arrests for the following crimes on campus: Liquor Law Violations, Drug Abuse Violations, Weapons Possession Violations.
  10. Strand College of Hair Design, in attempt to prevent similar occurrences, will report any instances of crime or other nature considered to be a threat to all students and employees.

Campus Fire Safety

Policies Regarding Campus Fire Safety

The fire extinguishers located in Strand College of Hair Design will be inspected professionally by a firm specializing in such inspections. Emergency lights and Exit lights will be inspected by the property manager monthly as well as annually by the fire marshall to assure they are operational.

A fire evacuation drill will be conducted at least once a year and a record of such will be kept in the College Administration Office.

Detailed Evacuation Route diagrams will be posted in key areas of Strand College of Hair Design for all students and employees.The policies related to fire safety are reviewed during student orientation prior to that student attending class.


In the event of an evacuation all classrooms have the evacuation routes posted at the entrance of the room. In addition all exits are clearly marked and students will be made aware of these routes.

Timely Emergency Warnings

In the event of a school closing or weather emergency i.e. Hurricane, Snow or Ice, students will be notified by post on College website, social media pages, or email.

Services for Students with Disabilities

Students with documented learning disabilities must disclose this at time of Admissions. Students will be evaluated by Instructional staff to analyze specific needs. The staff will meet with the student to set forth a plan to help the student obtain educational goals. In most incidences the student will be given increased time for testing as well as other individual one-on-one time as needed.

Student Rates (Retention, Graduation, Completion, Placements, Diversity)

Diversity Rates

Current Diversity Rates


Esthetics Program

Normal Time Graduates

Textbook Information

Milady IMG_3672-correct

Salon Business Textbooks


Strand College of Hair Design uses the Pivot Point Salon Fundamentals Text Books.

These books are only available to licensed schools, and therefore not in any commercial book stores.

Strand College of Hair Design issues students the required texts upon starting classes at the college. The price of the required textbooks is included in the total tuition and is not an extra expense to student on top of tuition cost.

Title IV Code of Conduct

Title-IV Loan School Code of Conduct

No employee or staff member of Strand College of Hair Design is or will be paid directly or indirectly based on revenue sharing.

No employee or staff member of Strand College of Hair Design will accept a gift(cash, material, or any other consideration that could be considered of monetary value) from any outside source that could be viewed as a bribe or an enticement to enter into an arrangement with any company or secure influence in financial aid matters, such as securing or selecting any bank or servicer, etc.

Strand College of Hair Design does not and will not enter into consulting or contracting arrangements based on recruitment or revenue sharing.

Strand College of Hair Design is a Direct Loan Lender school and has not nor will not enter into any other lender arrangements so no lender other than through the Direct Loan Program is assigned to first time borrowers

Strand College of Hair Design only certifies loans through the Direct Loan Program and thus does not engage nor will it engage in any refusal to certify or delay certification based on lender choice.

Strand College of Hair Design will not accept assistance in staffing or any other form that it has not paid a fair market price.

No employee or staff member will enter into an advisory board service for which compensation is exchanged.

Any and all loan funds made available through Stand College of Hair Design are solely for postsecondary expenses related to attending Strand College of Hair Design. No outside private educational loans are made outside of the Direct Loan program and an internal finance plan arranged when the student enrolls. Any internal loan is issued in compliance with the terms of the Truth in Lending Act and must be completely paid prior to the student being certified as a graduate.

No employee or staff member of Strand College of Hair Design will accept any offer of funds from private lenders related to any of the activities of Strand College of Hair Design that could be viewed as a bribe or enticement.

Strand College of Hair Design has not entered into any preferred lender arrangements.

Transfer of Credit – Transfer Hours From Other Institutions

Prospective applicants wanting to transfer and receive credit hours from another cosmetology college to Strand College of Hair Design must submit a letter in writing during admission process. The letter should include information regarding college attended, dates attended, grades, and hours obtained. It is the responsibility of the applicant to contact prior college and obtain a certified grade and hour transcript sent to Strand College of Hair Design. Appropriate practical and theory tests will be given to the applicant in accordance to the transcript received. The Instructor, Admissions Representative, and Educational Director will review the results of the test along with the grades and hour transcript from the precious school attended. Admissions will inform applicant of hours that will be transferable to Strand College of Hair Design. NO Hours will be transferred in after a student has enrolled and is attending classes.

Transfer Examinations are given monthly or as scheduled by the Admissions Office. ALL APPLICANTS ARE REQUIRED TO BRING THEIR OWN SUPPLIES IN ORDER TO TEST. The testing fee will be discussed by the Admission office. The Admissions Office schedules all transfer examinations.

Vaccination Policy

Strand College of Hair Design currently does not require proof of vaccination for admittance to the institution.